The Rescapement Watch Handbook

Welcome to the RESCAPEMENT Watch Handbook. Think Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary, but for watches. We started RESCAPEMENT because the watch blogging industry is largely full of pretentious assholes sucking themselves off by waxing poetically about A Lange’s latest hand-engraved balance cock or whatever and dropping French words whenever possible because they took it for a semester once. Like Voltaire, our ambition is no less grand than to decode and catalog each and every word you might hear some pretentious asshole mutter at a conference in some Swiss city serving CHF 12 Diet Coke or write in a blog post brought to you by our good friends at Richemont. This initial guide will start by defining watch complications, but with any luck, we'll expand it to include legends of the watchmaking industry, brands, watch mechanics, and perhaps even teach you how to urbanly gentrify yourself into chuffing your own bits.

Okay ciao.

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